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Infertility - Give Me Children, Otherwise I Am Dead
Length: 58 min
Shiur given at an organization called— A T.I.M.E. during “An Evening Of Community Awareness On Infertility." The tachlis (purpose) of having children. Feelings of every single barren woman summed up in the words of Torah when Rachel Imeinu said to Yaakov: "Give me children, otherwise I am dead". We must be sensitive to the deep existential pain of humiliation and disgrace of infertility. The purpose of having children is to reveal more of Hashem's presence in this world. Parents who do not have children or have children with "problems" are infinitely deeper and more sensitive. Arizal taught that the mitzvahs of a couple who do not have children plant seeds in Jews to do teshuvah (return to Jewish observance) or in converts to become jewish.