Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus
as well as Matisyahu Yered ben Miriam


Torah Umesorah Convention
Agudath Yisrael Convention
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Da Ma Shetashiv
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The Merit of Supporting Torah 01-10-11 Rabbi Moshe Heinemann 35 min
Defining Ourselves Rabbi Aaron Hersh 55 min
Meaning Within Suffering Rabbi Aaron Hersh 50 min
Comprehending Spirituality Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 47 min
Emunah Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 54 min
Enjoying Life Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 41 min
Identifying Real Tzadikim Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 66 min
Positive Or Negative Impression Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 67 min
Technologies For Good Or For Bad Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 45 min
The Divine Plan For Redemption Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 79 min
The Divine Presence In Our World Rabbi Yaakov Hillel 45 min
A Few Words of Torah 02-05-12 Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer 24 min
Our G-d Given Needs, Gentleness, and the Need to Communicate Openly Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer 35 min
Yarchei Kallah Shiur 5773 - Nov 2012 Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer 80 min
Age of the Earth Rabbi Shmuel Irons 85 min
Age of the Earth II Rabbi Shmuel Irons 85 min
Evolution & Divine Creation Rabbi Shmuel Irons 84 min
Evolution &Divine Creation Rabbi Shmuel Irons 84 min
How to Change Your Luck Rabbi Shmuel Irons 66 min
How to handle conflict and manage anger Rabbi Shmuel Irons 71 min
Life After Death Rabbi Shmuel Irons 55 min
Stop Worrying & Start Living Rabbi Shmuel Irons 65 min
The Secret of True Happiness Rabbi Shmuel Irons 56 min
The Strength Of Learning Torah Rabbi Yitzchok Isbee 26 min
Agudah Convention 5749 Derech Eretz Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky 34 min