Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus
as well as Matisyahu Yered ben Miriam

Rabbi Yitzchak Scher

Rabbi Yitzchak Scher is a Rebbe in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington and a senior member of Kollel Zichron Amram.He is a popular speaker around the Greater Washington, D.C. area and is well known for his weekly lunch and learn series. Rabbi Scher serves as the Masmidim Director and Camp Rav of Camp Chaverim in Fannettsburg, PA.
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Tower of Bavel Chumash 34 min
Upper and Lower Waters Chumash 43 min
Kayin and Hevel Part 1 Sefer Bereishis 47 min
Kayin and Hevel Part 2 Sefer Bereishis 44 min
Kayin and Hevel Part 3 Sefer Bereishis 55 min
Sin of Adam and Chava Part 1 Sefer Bereishis 51 min
Sin of Adam and Chava Part 2 Sefer Bereishis 51 min
Sin of Adam and Chava Part 3 Sefer Bereishis 48 min
Sin of Adam and Chava Part 4 Sefer Bereishis 48 min
Akeidas Yitzchak 3 Vayeira 41 min
Lessons from Sodom Vayeira 45 min
Yishmael- The Makings Of Avrahams Other Son Vayeira 49 min
Purchase of Meoras HaMachpela Chayei Sarah 38 min
Birth of Esav and Yaakov Toldos 42 min
Eliezer and Rivka Toldos 38 min
Yaakov and Esav 2 Toldos 41 min
Yaakov and Esav 3 Toldos 42 min
Yaakov and Esav 4 Toldos 38 min
Naftali and the Fight Against Esav Vayechi 27 min
Aaron- A Man Of Love & Peace Shemos 45 min
The Revelation of Havaya Va'eira 35 min
Tzfardea- Unity in our world Va'eira 30 min
Parshas Bo - Tefillin and Loving Mitzvos Bo 26 min
Wasted Potential Yisro 31 min
Parshas Terumah- the Aron and Menorah's message Terumah 30 min