Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus
as well as Matisyahu Yered ben Miriam

Rabbi Reuven Stein

Rabbi Reuven Stein
Director of Supervision
Atlanta Kashrus Commission

Rabbi Stein Daf Yomi Maggid Shir

Rabbi Reuven Stein’s Daf Yomi shiur for men is in its third cycle through the entire Talmud! Participants travel together to the great Daf Yomi Siyum HaShas in New York City every 7-1/2 years!

Rabbi Reuven Stein's classes are peppered with plenty of Torah ethics and morals as our biblical history comes to life. The class is currently studying Haftarahs

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Haftara Noach 10-12-15 Noach 31 min
Haftara Noach 10-31-16 Noach 30 min
Haftara Lech Lecha 10-19-15 Lech Lecha 30 min
Haftara Vayeira 10-26-15 Vayeira 45 min
Haftara Vayeira 11-14-16 Vayeira 47 min
Haftara Chayei Sarah 11-02-15 Chayei Sarah 43 min
Haftara Toldos 11-09-15 Toldos 33 min
Haftara Toldos 11-28-16 Toldos 35 min
Haftara Vayeitzei 12-05-16 Vayeitzei 44 min
Haftara Vayishlach - Ovadia 12-12-16 Vayishlach 32 min
Haftara Vayashev 11-30-15 Vayeshev 40 min
Haftara Vayashev 12-19-16 Vayeshev 29 min
Haftara Vayigash 12-14-15 Vayigash 31 min
Haftara Vayechi 01-09-17 Vayechi 44 min
Haftara Vayechi 12-21-15 Vayechi 47 min
Haftara Shemos 12-28-15 Shemos 32 min
Haftara Vaeira 01-04-16 Va'eira 44 min
Va'eira 01-10-10 Va'eira 1 min
Va'eira 01-12-10 Va'eira 1 min
Haftara Bo 01-11-16 Bo 40 min
Haftara Bo 01-30-17 Bo 40 min
Haftara Beshalach 01-18-16 Beshalach 47 min
Haftara Beshalach 02-06-17 Beshalach 48 min
Haftara Yisro 01-25-16 Yisro 39 min
Haftara Mishpatim 02-01-16 Mishpatim 35 min