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HaAmek Daber 01
Length: 30 min
In the first shiur, Rabbi Triebitz begins to study the Netziv’s introduction to his Commentary on the Chumash (HaAmek Davar) entitled Kidmas Ha’amek. There the Netziv speaks about Esoteric/Exoteric interpretation of Torah and we discover his “secret” agenda Here is a link to the HaAmek Davar from Here is another link from Wikitext which is not a pdf Even though the work is normally known as HaAmek Davar (and even though sometimes it is punctuated as such on the title page), Rav Herczeg pointed out to Rabbi Triebitz that his first work was named HaAmek Sheila, where ‘sheila’ is a verb. If so, this work should follow the same pattern and ‘daber’ must be a verb.
Machon Shlomo