Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rabbi Breitowitz's scope of knowledge, brilliance, as well as a unique ability to grasp complicated material and communicate it clearly to others is legendary. Rabbi Breitowitz received his bachelor of arts from Johns Hopkins University and obtained semicha from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and shortly thereafter became the Rav of the Silver Spring Woodside Shule in Silver Spring Maryland while maintaining status as a tenured professor at the University of Maryland School of Law. Rabbi Breitowitz and his wife currently reside in Eretz Yisroel and is a rav in Oh Sameach in Yerushalyim. He has published widely on Jewish law and ethics.
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Shabbos Bridge To A Better Tomorrow Ii Shabbos 19 min
Shabbos I Shabbos 32 min
Shabbos II Shabbos 32 min
Shabbos Spiritual Gift I Shabbos 43 min
Shabbos Spiritual Gift Ii Shabbos 27 min
Shechina Is Our Guest On Shabbos I Shabbos 48 min
Bringing Kedusha Into Your Life 2-15-98 Machshava 94 min
Criteria For Evaluating The World Around Us 12-27-01 Machshava 92 min
Criteria For Evaluating World Around Us 12-15-01 Machshava 86 min
Finding The True Self Mussar 3 min
Men & Anger 10-28-04 - Side A Mussar 55 min
Men & Anger 10-28-04 - Side B Mussar 24 min
Recharging Our Neshama 9-8-96 Machshava 94 min
The Importants Of Learning With Joy 2-16-97 Machshava 94 min
Zochreinu Lichaim Preparing Ourselves For A Good Life I Machshava 46 min
Zochreinu Lichaim Preparing Ourselves For A Good Life Ii Machshava 32 min
The Uniqueness Of Every Individual Chizuk 38 min
Tzadik V'ra Lo - Iyov Chizuk 95 min
Concepts Of Prospering & Suffering 12-16-97 Nisyonos 95 min
Kiruv: A two way street Kiruv 45 min
The Importance of Tefilla in Kiruv Kiruv 37 min
Churban Beis Hamikdash Moshiach 63 min
Moshiach Shiur #1 - 07-13-99 Moshiach 62 min
Moshiach Shiur #1 - July 1986 Moshiach 92 min
Moshiach Shiur #2 - 07-14-99 Moshiach 62 min