Chasdei Hashem Torah Tech has been able to make all of it's services free of charge since the inception of the TorahDownloads platform back in 2006. We depend on the dedicated volunteers who share the goal of harbotzos Torah. Without any overhead staffing costs Torah Tech has been fortunate to keep expenses to a bare minimum of technology related support. Please consider a donation of any amount to help with the growing maintenance costs. 

Bezras Hashem we are working on a new and improved administrator audio platform interface to assist the many different Yeshiva's and maggidei shiur using the torahdownloads audo platform. This new platform will allow individuals to independently upload and manage shiurim. Please consider a donation of any amount as we aim to raise 100K to help defray the programming costs for this new initiative. Bezras Hashem all those who partner with us, should be gbentched with the all the brochos that come with harbotzos Torah l'rabim. Thank you very much and tizku l'mitzvos! is a project of Torah Tech, Inc. Torah Tech is a 501(c)3 non-profit organazation tax id: 82-2060223.