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The Making Of a Halachic Decision 12-15-13
Length: 51 min

The following shiur is a recording by Rabbi Moshe Walter discussing his recent book "The Making of a Halachic Decision". In this book Rabbi Moshe Walter leads us through the route that has been traversed through the ages by our greatest halachic decisors. Using a simple, straightforward style, Rabbi Walter explores the history of halachic decision making, beginning with the Rif and the Rambam and continuing through the Mishnah Berurah and contemporary halachic works. Comprehensive definitions of halachic terminology are elucidated, along with the laws of ruling on halachic queries and their application.

Drawing on his broad background in Torah learning, Rabbi Walter illuminates the complex world of p’sak halachah, complete with extensive footnotes for scholars and a glossary of names and terms for beginners. In this groundbreaking work covering a range of fundamental concepts, your questions on the halachic process will be acknowledged and examined, ultimately resulting in an infinitely deeper appreciation of the ins and outs of this area of Torah.

The following is a Haskama by Harav Dovid Cohen shlita, (Congregation G’vul Yavetz, Brooklyn, NY) "…This work will be a great benefit for both teachers and students.”

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