Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus
as well as Matisyahu Yered ben Miriam


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KiSisa (15) Golden Calf part 11 - Hashem's kavod - knot of the tefillin Rabbi Doniel Pransky 52 min
Lech Lecha (09) Bris Mila Rabbi Doniel Pransky 49 min
Nahum (01) Chapter 1 - Destruction of Ninveh - Giving Tzedaka (Charity) Rabbi Doniel Pransky 54 min
Sefer HaMitzvot (17) 12-08-11 - Defintion of - Asmachta Rabbi Doniel Pransky 53 min
Shelach (11) Challah 01-12-20 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 55 min
Shelach (12) Karbanos for the Aveira of Avoda Zara (Sin of Idolatry) 02-02-20 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 51 min
Shelach (13) The Mekoshaish - The one who violated Shabbos and was stoned 02-09-20 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 56 min
Shelach (14) Tzitzis 02-16-20 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 54 min
Shemini (11) Bugs 11-20-16 Rabbi Doniel Pransky 27 min
Amein Yisoma Part 1 Rabbi Moshe Radner 48 min
Amein Yisoma Part 2 Rabbi Moshe Radner 38 min
Bedikas Chometz 1 Rabbi Moshe Radner 28 min
Bedikas Chometz 2 Rabbi Moshe Radner 28 min
Being Someich Geulah L'Tefilla Rabbi Moshe Radner 35 min
Bentching and Davening After Drinking on Purim Rabbi Moshe Radner 34 min
Birchas HaTorah - Thinking, Listening, Writing Rabbi Moshe Radner 38 min
Carrying A Hatzolah Radio On Shabbos Rabbi Moshe Radner 35 min
Chanukah - Birchas Ha'roeh and a Guest Rabbi Moshe Radner 47 min
Chanukah - Hadlaka Oseh Mitzvah Rabbi Moshe Radner 42 min
Chanukah - Where to Light the Menorah Rabbi Moshe Radner 43 min
Choleh Bshabbos-sakanus Nifoshos And Goyim Rabbi Moshe Radner 43 min
Choleh Sh'ain Bo Sakana Rabbi Moshe Radner 33 min
Cholov Akum Part 1 Rabbi Moshe Radner 35 min
Cholov Akum Part 2 Rabbi Moshe Radner 35 min
Cleaning For Pesach Rabbi Moshe Radner 43 min