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Rabbi Bentzion Shafier

Born and bred in Kew Gardens Hills, NY, Rabbi Shafier joined the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva after high school. Shortly after he married, he and his new family moved to Rochester, NY, where he was a high school rebbe for twelve years. It was there that the Shmuz was born. He then moved to Monsey, NY where he was a rebbe in the new Chofetz Chaim branch for three years. Upon the Rosh Yeshiva’s request, he stopped teaching to devote his time to running Tiferes Bnei Torah and the Shmuz. Rabbi Shafier, a happily married father of six children (and two grandchildren) currently resides in Monsey, NY.
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Shmuz #167 - Sefiras Ha'Omer Countdown to Ka'balas Ha'Torah Sefiras HaOmer 36 min
Shmuz #172 - The Tisha BA'v Shmuz Tisha B'Av 53 min
Shmuz #194 - Tisha B'Av- What we can do to bring the Geulah Tisha B'Av 51 min
Shmuz #002 - Rosh Hashanah-Issues of the Day Rosh Hashanah 47 min
Shmuz #175 - Rosh Hashana Prep - Yom Ha Din Rosh Hashanah 36 min
Shmuz #176 - Tshuvah Shmuz 5769 - A Diamond with a Flaw Rosh Hashanah 44 min
Shmuz #197 - Teshuvah Shmuz 5770 - Limiting Beliefs Rosh Hashanah 59 min
Shmuz #206 - Teshuva Shmuz Rosh Hashanah 59 min
Shmuz #238 - Teshuvah Shmuz 5774 Rosh Hashanah 46 min
Shmuz #201 - Chanukah - The Power given to Man Chanukah 49 min
Shmuz #224 - Purim- Achmenijad and the Modern Purim Story Purim 60 min
Shmuz #157 - Learning to Love Learning Limud HaTorah 49 min
Shmuz #168 - Emunah Emunah 49 min
Shmuz #181 - Emunah in Difficult Times Emunah 46 min
Shmuz #245 - Appreciation-The Cornerstone of Emunah Emunah 56 min
Shmuz #130 - Living With Bitachon Bitachon 44 min
Shmuz #082 - Why Me? Understanding Suffering Nisyonos 37 min
Shmuz #084 - Why Me? Nisyonos 38 min
Shmuz #210 - Why is Life Such a Battle Nisyonos 47 min
Shmuz #218 - Understanding Suffering Nisyonos 47 min
Shmuz #180 - Why We Want Mosiach Now Moshiach 43 min
Shmuz #004 - Appreciating Olam Hazeh Philosophy 45 min
Shmuz #005 - Appreciating Our Wealth Philosophy 52 min
Shmuz #007 - It's not geneivah, it's 'schtick' Philosophy 46 min
Shmuz #028 - People Believe what they want to Believe Philosophy 9 min