Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus

Rabbi Abba Zvi Naiman

Rabbi Abba Zvi Naiman is the Mara D’Asra of the Bais Medrash of Ranchleigh in Baltimore, Maryland, where he gave this series of shiurim on Choshen Mishpat. He was also a senior author for the Schottenstein editions of Talmud Bavli and Talmud Yerushalmi (ArtScroll/Mesorah) and is now working on the new Milstein Edition of The Chumash with the Teachings of the Talmud. He has published other sefarim as well, including the The Elucidated Derech Hashem, The Elucidated Maamarei HaRamchal, and annotated Hebrew editions of the Ramchal's Derech Eitz HaChaim and Maamar HaGeulah. For free download of PDF files handed out at the shiurim, and for more information about his sefarim, see
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Returning A Lost Article 36 - Payment For False Alarm Hashavas Aveida 37 min
Damages 01 - Diamond Down The Drain Nezikin 25 min
Damages 02 - Chicken In The Freezer Nezikin 25 min
Damages 03 - Burning A Lottery Ticket Nezikin 30 min
Damages 04 - Holding Iron During The Fair Nezikin 30 min
Damages 05 - Retail Or Wholesale Nezikin 28 min
Damages 06 - Value Of Eyeglasses Nezikin 25 min
Damages 07 - Bad Advice Nezikin 26 min
Damages 08 - Payment For Car Accident Nezikin 31 min
Damages 09 - A Childs Responsibility Nezikin 31 min
Damages 10 - Invitation To Resturaunt Nezikin 20 min
Damages 11 - Misdelivered Groceries Nezikin 24 min
Damages 12 - Accident In Grocery Store Nezikin 21 min
Damages 13 - Oil On The Balcony Nezikin 26 min
Damages 14 - Car Splashing Puddle Nezikin 23 min
Damages 15 - Causing A Car Accident Nezikin 21 min
Damages 16 - Damaging An Insured House Nezikin 28 min
Damages 17 - Sparks From Cigarettes Nezikin 26 min
Damages 18 - Leaky Pipes Nezikin 31 min
Damages 19 - Married Women Nezikin 22 min
Damages 20 - Liability For Infection Nezikin 24 min
Employment 01 - Babysitter Who Quit Schirus Po'alim 26 min
Employment 02 - Chazan Who Quit Schirus Po'alim 28 min
Employment 03 - Tutors Son Gets Engaged Schirus Po'alim 31 min
Employment 04 - Overcharging By Contractor Schirus Po'alim 35 min