Rabbi Sheftel Weinberg

"Compelling answers to compelling questions"

is Rabbi Sheftel Weinberg's life pursuit. Inspired and taught by his grandfather, Rav Ya'akov Weinberg zt"l, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, Rav Sheftel applies this 'Mission Statement' to all of his learning and teaching endeavors. The demand for excellence, clarity and knowledge, from himself, his students and congregants is the central theme of all his shiurim.

A scion of the dynasty of Chassidus Slonim; cultivated by his Rebbi Rav Mottel Tzukerman zt"l; molded by his grandfather, Rav Chaim Stein zt"l Rosh Hayeshiva of Telz; and having breathed in the air of Slabodka from his great-grandfather, Rav Yakov Yitzchak Ruderman zt"l, Rav Sheftel is a truly unique combination of mesorah. That, compounded by a broad education and an analytical mind, has produced a mix that makes him especially popular to so many yungerleit, talmidim, and professionals. Solid, no-nonsense answers, explanations and tools, enable them to persevere and grow. Poised and articulate, Rav Sheftel has presented the Torah view on a wide range of subjects, to a broad-spectrum of audiences. Cold rationale coupled with a fiery refusal to see the Torah placed on the defendants stand have made him a formidable proponent of Torah truths, which he explains with a logical methodology that has become his hallmark.

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