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Bechukosai and Amalus baTorah
Length: 49 min
The Chassidishe Seforim discuss Parnassa the working man and his chelek in Torah, learn from the SATMAR Rav the Berach Moshe how you can be at the office, on the train on the bus while your heart is the beis midrash, from the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh in Maor VaShemesh how the tefillah we recite after learning refers to sechar olam haba for baalei batim who work and how the Modzitzer Rebbe understands Keviyas Itim for Torah to be the source for shefa VeNasati Gishmaychem BaItam & BERACH MOSHE SATMAR DIVREI YISROEL MODZITZ MAOR VASHEMESH OHR HACHAIM ON PARNASAH AND TORAH LEARNING