Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker

Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker is a chassid of the Clevelander Rebbe of Raanana, Israel. He currently lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife and children. Rabbi Zwecker delivers shiurim on a variety of topics, including Chassidus. He is also the founder and director of Machon Beer Mayim Chaim Publishing, whose aim is to translate and make available the classics of Chassidus in English. He has translated a number of seforim including Noam Elimelech and Kedushas Levi. Below are links to download some of Rabbi Zwecker's english seforim.

Mipeninei Noam Elimelech - Translation of Sefer Noam Elimelech
Returnity - Selected Teachings from the Chassidic Masters on Teshuvah 
Sefer haHisbodedus - Character development through seclusion and meditation 
The Prayer Before Praying of the holy Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk 


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Chassidus Parshas Noach Kedushas Levi Noach 21 min
Chassidus Parshas Noach Noam Elimelech Noach 12 min
Lech Lecha Chassidus Part 1 Lech Lecha 26 min
Lech Lecha Chassidus Part 2 Lech Lecha 33 min
Vayaira - Nesivos Shalom Nisayon Emunah Vayeira 13 min
Vayaira - Noam Elimelech - Actualize Your Potential Vayeira 36 min
Toldos - Tears, Questions, Har Nof Massacre Toldos 42 min
Parshas VaYishlach Esav's Angel - A Song of Triumph Vayishlach 14 min
Parshas VaYishlach Yaakov vs Esav's ArchAngel Battling Darkness & Depression Vayishlach 45 min
Parshas VaYeshev The Jewel in the Sand Vayeshev 12 min
Chassidus Parashas VaYechi Nesivos Shlom Menashe & Ephraim Vayechi 39 min
Chassidus Parashas Shemos Power of a Sigh Nesivos Shalom Shemos 45 min
Chassidus Parshas Va'eira - We Write Torah Through Our Lives Va'eira 17 min
Beshalach - Ha'Man Emunah and Manna Beshalach 28 min
Shabbos Shira Parshas BeShalach Beshalach 17 min
Parashas Yisro - Coming Close from Afar Yisro 38 min
Mishpatim - The Secret of Reincarnation and Gilgulim Mishpatim 19 min
Mishpatim Nesivos Shalom Slonim The 3 Slaves and What Lessons we Learn Mishpatim 27 min
Parashas Terumah How do we really love Terumah 21 min
Parashas Terumah Uplifted through the Tzadik Terumah 25 min
Parshas Tetzaveh Sealing & Opening the Craft of GemStones and the Secrets of the Menorah Tetzaveh 27 min
Parshas Zachor the Amalek Within Tetzaveh 8 min
Parshas VaYikra - Self Sacrifice Vayikra 5 min
Bechukosai and Amalus baTorah Bechukosai 49 min
Nesivos Shalom on parashas Beha'aloscha Beha'aloscha 25 min