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Haazinu 5776 - Yesodei Hatorah
Length: 22 min
  • Sforno - Hashem made Bnai Yisroel his "Kinyan" implying that we are the core reason of creation.
  • R' Bechaya - Bnai Yisroel was brought into this world from "Yesh M'ayan" thereby making us his kinyan; "Our Father" - The divine essence is within each of us like a son to a father therefore reflecting his characteristics.
  • Akaida - A characteristic of a "father" implies that everything in the world is for us making Bnai Yisroel his core.
  • Sforno - Explains the 4 parts of Ha'Azinu.
  • Akaida - Four facets Emunah.
  • Rambam - Hardships help us not leave Hashem.