Rabbi Shraga Senft

Rabbi Shragi Senft grew up in Queens, New York, where he attended Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe as a child. In high school and afterwards, he learned in Yeshiva Sha’ar HaTorah, also in Queens. He then moved on to the Givat Shaul neighborhood in Jerusalem, famous home of Angel’s Bakery, to study in the Ner Moshe yeshiva. Rabbi Senft then returned to America, where he married his wife. They settled in Lakewood where they began building their family as Rabbi Senft continued his studies in Beth Medrash Govoha. Rabbi Senft moved to Pittsburgh in July of 2012 to join their kollel. At the Kollel, Rabbi Senft enjoys the lively Torah debates which take place among the scholars. He looks forward to showing the members of the community that Torah is more than just textual study by giving them the opportunity to observe and experience how fulfilling, enriching, and enjoyable a Torah-true life can be.
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Haftorrah Lech Lecha 5776 Lech Lecha 59 min
Haftorah For Chayei Sarah 5776 Chayei Sarah 69 min
Intro to Haftaros and Haftaras Toldos Toldos 65 min
Hosea Haftorah 5776 Vayeitzei 70 min
Haftaras Parshas Vayishlach Vayishlach 72 min
Haftarah Vayeshev Amos 5776 Vayeshev 65 min
Yechezkel Haftorah For Vayigash 5776 Vayigash 66 min
Haftorah for Vayechi 5776 Vayechi 44 min
Haftorah Shemos Shemos 74 min
Haftora For Vaera 5776 Yechezkel Va'eira 73 min
Haftorah Mishpatim Jeremiah 5776 Feb. 5 2016 Mishpatim 76 min
Haftarah for Parshas Terumah 5776 Terumah 80 min
Haftorah Tetzaveh Yehezkel 5776 Tetzaveh 72 min
Haftorah Parshas Ki Sisa 5776 Ki Sisa 86 min
Haftorah Parshas Shkalim 5776 Vayakhail 68 min
Haftorah Pekudei Melachim I 5776 Pekudei 74 min
Haftorah Tzav 5776 Tzav 70 min
Haftorah Parsha Parah 5776 Shemini 78 min
Haftorah Amos Parshas Kedoshim 5776 Kedoshim 60 min
Haftorah Emor 5776 Emor 74 min
Haftora For Behar 5776 Behar 69 min
Haftorah Bechukosai 5776 Bechukosai 73 min
Haftorah Bamidbar 5776 Bamidbar 85 min
Haftorah Shoftim 5776 Naso 74 min
Haftorah Parshas Shelach Shelach 76 min