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Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein

Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein is the founder of Ohr Yitzchak, Ateres Naava Seminary for Girls, and Ohr Naava Women's Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Ohr Naava is a unique program designed for women ages 17 through 120 who are interested in furthering their Torah experience. The program, under the leadership of Rabbi Zachariah Wallerstein, started out as a Wednesday evening class in a small classroom known as a "Chabura." It brought together girls who had just returned from studying in Israel, college students who needed a weekly moment of inspiration, and most of all, Jews of different backgrounds with one common goal, to grow and change. The signature of Ohr Naava is to provide a multitude of programs, absolutely free of charge, for women wishing to make the time to grow, change and further their Torah knowledge. Rabbi Wallerstein's website is
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Bereishis And Noach 10-09-07 Bereishis 61 min
Parasha Noach Find Hashem Through the Mind Noach 78 min
Parshas Noach & Lech Lecha 10-16-07 Noach 56 min
Parshas Vayera - Origin Of Chesed 10-23-07 Vayeira 51 min
Parshas Chayei Sarah 10-30-07 Chayei Sarah 49 min
Parshas Chayei Sarah 10-31-07 Chayei Sarah 46 min
The Special Dream of Yaakov Avinu Vayeitzei 53 min
Vayeshev - One Way Ticket To Gan Eden 11-27-07 Vayeshev 48 min
Parasha Vayechi Life is a Closed Book Vayechi 65 min
Vayechi - Getting To Gan Eden 12-18-07 Vayechi 33 min
Parasha Bo - Teshuva on SHOVEVIM - Shmiras einayim Bo 94 min
Parshas Bo - Instruction Manual For Life 01-09-08 Bo 65 min
A Pure Korban Terumah 65 min
A Pure Korban Part 2 Terumah 70 min
Parshas Tetzaveh - Hashem is in everything Tetzaveh 63 min
Korach - Pleasure Pain and G d 2008 Korach 86 min
Korach - The Truth about Happiness 2012 Korach 58 min
Lashon Hara Look Twice Shmiras Halashon 48 min
Kibud Av Vem Honoring Your Parents Kibbud Av vEim 70 min
Facebook - Myspace And New Years Eve Contemporary Halacha 29 min
The Magic Touch & Shomer Negiah Contemporary Halacha 3 min
Passover Pesach Finding Your Afikomen Pesach 64 min
Pesach - Engagement The Eterna Pesach 66 min
Pesach - Finding Inner Chametz Pesach 63 min
Pesach And Matzah Pesach 90 min