Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb is a senior faculty member at Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. An accomplished author and lecturer, Rabbi Gottlieb has electrified audiences with his stimulating and energetic presentations on ethical and philosophical issues. For a more complete bio please visit his website
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Genesis Part 01 Bereishis 46 min
Genesis Part 02 Bereishis 12 min
Genesis Part 03 Bereishis 30 min
Genesis Part 04 Bereishis 39 min
Genesis Part 05 Bereishis 45 min
Genesis Part 06 Bereishis 67 min
Genesis Part 07 Bereishis 45 min
Genesis Part 08 Bereishis 45 min
Genesis Part 09 Bereishis 45 min
Genesis Part 10 Bereishis 45 min
Genesis Part 11 Bereishis 40 min
Genesis Part 12 Bereishis 44 min
Genesis Part 13 Bereishis 46 min
Genesis Part 15 Bereishis 3 min
Genesis Part 16 Bereishis 8 min
Mysticism Meaning And Mitzvos Halacha 85 min
Mysticism Meaning Mitzvot Halacha 52 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 01 Hilchos Yom Kippur 48 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 02 Hilchos Yom Kippur 54 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 03 Hilchos Yom Kippur 45 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 04 Hilchos Yom Kippur 50 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 05 Hilchos Yom Kippur 48 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 06 Hilchos Yom Kippur 47 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 07 Hilchos Yom Kippur 48 min
Hilchos Teshuva Part 08 Hilchos Yom Kippur 51 min