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Rabbi Meir Triebitz

Rabbi Meir Triebitz serves as a second-year Talmud Rebbe at Machon Shlomo, as well as a teacher of philosophy, halacha, and chumash. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Physics from Princeton and a Ph.D. at Stanford. He then turned his focus to full-time teaching, and has taught at Machon Shlomo since its second year of existence. When not teaching at Machon Shlomo, he runs two different Kollels, and teaches classes on his ever-popular website, Rabbi Triebitz is known for his extensive knowledge, engaging enthusiasm, and creativity in Torah scholarship, as well as his impressive breadth of secular knowledge. He currently resides in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem with his wife and children.
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Rav Kook 01 - Introduction, Upper and Lower Lights Philosophy 45 min
Rav Kook 02 - Mans view, G-ds view Philosophy 37 min
Rav Kook 03 - Rav Kook and the Leshem Philosophy 26 min
Rav Kook 04 - Purpose of Creation Philosophy 43 min
Rav Kook 05 - Six Reasons for Mitzvot Philosophy 35 min
Rav Kook 06 - Science, Biblical Criticism and Kaballah Philosophy 36 min
Rav Kook 07 - Improving the World Philosophy 38 min
Rav Kook 08 - The Intolerance of Monotheism Philosophy 32 min
Rav Kook 09 - Civilising of Mankind Philosophy 31 min
Rav Kook 10 - Summary of Influences Philosophy 29 min
HaAmek Daber 01 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 30 min
HaAmek Daber 02 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 24 min
HaAmek Daber 03 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 33 min
HaAmek Daber 04 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 38 min
HaAmek Daber 05 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 31 min
HaAmek Daber 06 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 27 min
HaAmek Daber 07 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 29 min
HaAmek Daber 08 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 33 min
HaAmek Daber 09 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 26 min
HaAmek Daber 10 HaAmek Daber (Netziv) 36 min