Rabbi Avroham Schorr

Rabbi Avraham Schorr is a prominent Rabbi in Flatbush, NY and Rav of Kahal Tiferes Yaakov at 1212 East 15th Street. He is the son of the late Rav Gedalia Schorr former Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and brother of Rabbi Yisroel Simcha Schorr, current Rosh Yeshivah of Ohr Somayach, Monsey and one of the General Editors of the English and Hebrew translations of Artscroll's Schottenstein Edition Talmud. Rabbi Schorr is a highly sought after speaker among Orthodox Jewish communities known for his fiery and inspiring speeches.
Rabbi Schorr has produced numerous publications including the compiler of Ohr Gedaliyahu and numerous other works. His lectures, mostly in Yiddish, but also English, are threaded from multiple sources to clarify the meaning of daily prayers, ethical teachings, and detailed commentaries on the Talmud. He holds a regular schedule of lectures, and has a following about more than 100 students who learn daily "Daf Yomi", the daily learning of the Talmud. His lectures have been described as "thick" with content, challenging his audience to keep pace with his multi-threaded points. His late Shabbos Evening meals are attended by hundreds of followers.

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Chodesh Shevat and Shovavim Shemos 39 min
Parshas Mishpatiam Shemos 24 min
Yoma 29 Masechta Yoma 47 min
Yoma 30 Masechta Yoma 47 min
Yoma 31 Masechta Yoma 47 min
Yoma 32 Masechta Yoma 47 min
Yoma 33 Masechta Yoma 46 min
Yoma 34 Masechta Yoma 48 min
Yoma 35 Masechta Yoma 46 min
Yoma 36 Masechta Yoma 49 min
Yoma 37 Masechta Yoma 46 min
Yoma 38 Masechta Yoma 46 min
Halachic Obligation To Obey The Law - Part 1 Of 3 Dina Demalchusa Dina 8 min
Halachic Obligation To Obey The Law - Part 2 Of 3 Dina Demalchusa Dina 9 min
Halachic Obligation To Obey The Law - Part 3 Of 3 Dina Demalchusa Dina 2 min
Shavuos - Everyone Can Improve Through The Honey Sweet Torah Shavuos 24 min
Mussar For Tisha Ba'av Tisha B'Av 47 min
Elul - Every Single Breath Chodesh Elul 31 min
Bringing bracha into the coming year Rosh Hashanah 30 min
Pre Rosh Hashanah Shiur - 2008 Rosh Hashanah 41 min
Preparing for Yom Hadin Rosh Hashanah 48 min
Preparation for Chanukah Chanukah 22 min
Chodesh Adar Purim 34 min
Parshas Zachor Amalek Purim 31 min
Purim Drasha - Part 1 Purim 41 min