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Derech Eretz - A Peaceful Solution
Length: 54 min
Page 69, perek 12, se'if 2. The Torah takes something normal and makes it extraordinary, but a person has to be functioning in a "normal" way to allow this process to take place. Derech eretz, the natural sense of what 's right and good, and how to act, is at the source of a person's bility to accept the Torah. Hashem created man, programmed with a powerful sense of mussar (ethics). To fix the child that was broken is a very big melachah (work/task). The 'can't lose' financial proposition of 'camp before camp.' Are we 'keeping the kid busy' or 'busy with the kid?' The greatest prerequisite for being a person who can receive is a strong focus in mitzvos bein adam lechaveiro (commandments concerning the interaction between man and his fellow man). Just love every Jew [of course within halachic parameters] and everything will be better. The 1-year derech eretz experiment. Everything can be talked about without being defensive or offensive. When a non-observant person sees a 'frum' person who is not a ba'al derech eretz (not acting in a respectful manner), he doesn't want to become frum.