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Introduction to "Reflections on the Parsha"
Length: 14 min

Reflections on the Parsha features a unique mode of expression that streamlines thorough implementation of the rich power of the English language together with the vernacular familiar to those with a Yeshiva background. Reflections on the Parsha truly makes for an enjoyable, engaging, and informative read. With topics ranging from tools on how to control negative impulses, understanding the nature of free will, how to make Torah study a central part of life - and much, much more - this book truly has something for everyone; and for the advanced Talmidei Chachamim the footnotes provide extensive material for further iyun.  These are Divrei Torah that will really enlighten your Shabbos table by bringing the Parsha to life in a way that is as fascinating as it is practical.  It is a work that is engineered to help you reflect on the Torah, and the Torah reflect on your life!

From the haskamos:
"The ideas are exceptional in their yashrus and are of practical significance."
- Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky

"I recommend this work to all those who want to enhance their understanding of the Torah portions, and cull the very pertinent messages they contain, to guide one's journey through this world as a Torah Jew."
- Rabbi Zev Leff

Reflections on the Parsha is available here: