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(26) The Miracle of Jewish Survival
Length: 73 min
About the Course Torah Judaism is built upon a series of fundamental beliefs and understandings. Many of them, however, are anything but simple. What exactly does it mean to believe that G-d is One? How do we know the Torah, both Written and Oral, is Divine? What is the Jewish understanding of suffering and is there a mitzvah to be happy? Is a Jew obligated to believe that absolutely everything that happens to him was Divinely decreed? This fourth course in our adult education series will address the complex issues that are critical to everything we do and believe. Based on a comprehensive curriculum developed by Morasha International (Jerusalem), classes will be presented with accompanying source material and will be divided into the following five sections: G-d and the Jewish People, Torah, Core Beliefs, Spirituality, and The Jew in the World.
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