Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus

Rabbi Levi Langer

Rabbi Levi Langer attended Yeshivas Ner Israel in Baltimore, MD and Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. While in BMG, he delivered in-depth Daf Yomi shiurim to a group of married students which mirrored the current Shas Illuminated shiur format. He also served a Rosh Chabura for both Limud Gemara of several Masechtos as well as of the Nach B’Iyun Chabura, completing several seforim of Nach in their entirety. Since 2002, Rabbi Langer has been Rosh Kollel of the Pittsburgh Community Kollel where he has been teaching a wide variety of Torah topics including contemporary Medical Halacha, Nach, Gemara B’Iyun and other subjects. Shas Illuminated is privileged to have Rabbi Langer serve as a Maggid Shiur.
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Shekalim 02 Masechta Shekalim 48 min
Shekalim 03 Masechta Shekalim 52 min
Shekalim 04 Masechta Shekalim 52 min
Shekalim 05 Masechta Shekalim 51 min
Shekalim 06 Masechta Shekalim 53 min
Shekalim 07 Masechta Shekalim 52 min
Shekalim 08 Masechta Shekalim 51 min
Shekalim 09 Masechta Shekalim 51 min
Shekalim 16 Masechta Shekalim 51 min
Shekalim 17 Masechta Shekalim 49 min
Shekalim 18 Masechta Shekalim 52 min
Megillah 17 Masechta Megilah 51 min
Megillah 18 Masechta Megilah 47 min
Megillah 19 Masechta Megilah 52 min
Megillah 20 Masechta Megilah 53 min
Yevamos 10 Masechta Yevamos 55 min
Yevamos 11 Masechta Yevamos 53 min
Yevamos 12 Masechta Yevamos 55 min
Yevamos 13 Masechta Yevamos 67 min
Yevamos 2 Masechta Yevamos 53 min
Yevamos 3 Masechta Yevamos 51 min
Yevamos 4 Masechta Yevamos 50 min
Yevamos 5 Masechta Yevamos 50 min
Yevamos 6 Masechta Yevamos 51 min
Yevamos 7 Masechta Yevamos 55 min