Rabbi Nachum Sauer

Rabbi Sauer is a rebbe in the Yeshiva University Boys High School in Los Angeles. He is also a Dayan on the RCC Beit Din and a Rabbinic Consultant to Chai Lifeline on the West Coast.
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01 - What is included in Gayrus Yoreh Deah 70 min
02 - Mila in Gayrus Yoreh Deah 69 min
04 - What if he already had mila? Yoreh Deah 68 min
05 - What is Beis Din's role in Gierut? Yoreh Deah 71 min
06 - Does the Tevila of a Nidda work for Gierut? Yoreh Deah 75 min
07 - Techilas Din vs. Gemar Din Yoreh Deah 68 min
08 - What is Beis Din's role in Mla? How do they affect Gierus w/o smicha Yoreh Deah 66 min
09 - Do you need Mumchin? Talmid Chachamim? Yoreh Deah 54 min
10 - Do we believe a person when he says I'm a ger? Yoreh Deah 71 min
11 - Is gierus a davar shebierva? Yoreh Deah 72 min
12 - What happens when a ger says his gierus was not kosher? Yoreh Deah 68 min
13 - Yakir and other gierus related believability issues Yoreh Deah 70 min
14 - The din of yakir by a ger Yoreh Deah 56 min
15 - Does the order of the gierus process matter? Yoreh Deah 60 min
16 - How do we poskin regarding the order of gierus? Yoreh Deah 73 min
17 - The gierus of a slave? Yoreh Deah 76 min
18 - Why don't we like many gierim? Yoreh Deah 60 min
19 - Does Bais Din need to see the tevila? Yoreh Deah 68 min
20 - What is the nature of Kabalas hamitzvos? Yoreh Deah 67 min
21 - Gierus lishem ishus [with some inside info from Rabbinic Union Yoreh Deah 117 min
22 - Lishem Ishus and other interesting cases Yoreh Deah 71 min
23 - Teshuvos from Rav Moshe Feinstein Yoreh Deah 77 min