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It's All Good - A Different Perspective On Life (1) Kindness To Others, The Path To Yerushalayim
Length: 60 min
One of the most powerful ways of getting closer to Yerushalayim - by loving all Jews. How?- by judging another Jew in a good way. Living the 13 attributes of mercy vs. just saying them. What is the middah (character trait) of Hashem that He used to create this world? Chesed (kindness). Hashem is good to everyone. What does Hashem wants us to see? Light. Light in everything. How does Hashem wants us to lead our lives?- with happiness. Yiddishkeit is fun. What does the Tzaddik (righteous person) see in another person? Only the good. Why did Yosef only see good?- because everything IS good.