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Rabbi Avi Haber

Rabbi Avi Haber serves as a Shoel uMeshiv at the Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Silver Spring Maryland. He gives a weekly shiur on in-depth iyunim on the parsha and is a contributor of chidushei Torah to well-known Torah periodicals. He received his Smicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in Yerushalayim. The following shiurim alternate between an "iyun"-in depth- analysis of a talmudic or halachic idea that stems from the parsha, and a presentation of broad range of well known insights throughout the parsha.

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Bo Ein Onshin min Hadin 5774 Bo 39 min
B'Shalach 5777, Which is better Neis Nigla or Neis Nistar Beshalach 19 min
Beshalach 5775 Did the Manna fall on Yom Tov Beshalach 40 min
Beshalach 5776 - Mitzrayim at Krias Yam Suf Beshalach 22 min
Beshalach Refuah 5774 Beshalach 34 min
Yisro 5775 Lo taasun iti - taking pictures and owning figures Yisro 45 min
Yisro 5776 - Which is greater, Aseh or Lo Taaseh; Ramban on Zachor Hayom etc. Yisro 46 min
Yisro Kibud Av Le'achar Misah 5774 Yisro 37 min
Yisro mah shmua shama 5773 Yisro 40 min
Mishpatim 5773 Mishpatim 47 min
Mishpatim 5775 - Aisho Mishum Chitzav-Nimukei Yosef-Hadlakas Neiros, Can An Eved Ivri Last Forever,Etc. Mishpatim 55 min
Terumah 5775 Tachash Terumah 26 min
Terumah 5776 - Tidbits Terumah 32 min
Tetzaveh 5776 - Kila'im in the Bigdei Kehuna Tetzaveh 41 min
Tetzaveh Urim Vetumim, Tzitz 5774 Tetzaveh 39 min
Ki Sisa 5776 - Shkalim and Kitanim, Shituf Ki Sisa 37 min
Ki Sisa Machatzis Hashekel 5774 Ki Sisa 34 min
Vayakel Din Onesh B'Shabbos 5774 Vayakhail 36 min
Vayakhail 5775 Haavarah lilav yatzas, Nesi'im, Mishkan and Shabbos Vayakhail 45 min
Vayakhail 5776 - Nashim Binyan Bais HaMikdash And Z'man G'rama Vayakhail 36 min
Vayakhel 5773 Vayakhail 50 min
Pekudei 5776 - Birchas Moshe Va'Yihee No'am Pekudei 31 min
Pekudei Hakamas Hamishkan B'Shabbos 5774 Pekudei 46 min
Vayikra 5775 Shechita Bezar Vayikra 42 min
Vayikra 5776 - Karais at 13 or 20? Vayikra 38 min