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Hilchos Shabbos - Keeping A Website Open On Shabbos (1)
Length: 31 min
The issues involved in a website that's open on Shabbos: Lifnei iver lo titen mich'shol (don't place a stumbling block in front of a blind person) - aiding and abetting another's sin; conducting business on Shabbos; S'char Shabbos - collecting a fee; hana'ah (deriving benefit) from chillul (violation of) Shabbos; mar'is ayin (it looks bad) and ch'shad (suspicion); zilusah (cheapening) d'Shabbos. What sins might be involved when a person turns on the computer or goes onto a website on Shabbos? What if the "surfer" is an outright mechalel (violator) Shabbos? Q&A.