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Hilchos Shabbos In The Kitchen - Cutting Up Fruits And Vegetables
Length: 46 min
Tochen (grinding): Taking something, a physical thing, and breaking it into small parts. The basic disagreement between the Rambam and the Rashbah. Can the vegetable be eaten in its natural / raw state? Does timing matter - cutting the fruits / vegetables into small pieces right before the meal? How large/small/tiny is a large/small/tiny piece? Special tools/implements: Uvdah d'chol - something that's similar to the way we do things during the week. Slicing and dicing. Preparing only samuch l'se'udah - close to the meal. Crushing, smashing or mashing - are these grinding? Previously cooked or baked fruits or vegetables. Different produce textures. Things that don't grow from the ground (e.g., cheese, meat). Grinding after grinding (ein t'chinah achar t'chinah). Grinding non-food items.