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Hilchos Shabbos In The Kitchen - Cooking
Length: 61 min
Rav Weinberger's approach to teaching Hilchos (Laws) Shabbos. The definition of bishul (cooking) in Halacha (Jewish law). Cooking with fire. How do electricity and a microware compare to fire? The various types of vessels: kli rishon (primary cooking vessel), kli sheini (secondary pot), irui kli sheini (pouring into a secondary vessel), kli shlishi (3rd vessel). The concept of Yad Soledes Bo (the hand can be scalded). Stirring in a kli rishon on the blech. Adding hot water (soup / chullent) into a cup / plate / bowl with some water / tea / soup / chullent left inside. Lokshen (noodles) in the soup. Coffee and tea on Shabbos. Lemon juice, ketchup and baby bottles.