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Jealousy (7) Let's Begin By Judging Ourselves Favorably
Length: 82 min
p. 174. Kina (jealousy) is based on a imaginary falsehood that someone else has it better than I do, or that I am not successful either physically or spiritually. At Succos time, the festival of gathering, we are all so busy collecting our aveiros (sins), but we should be gathering together our mitzvos. Hashem created us to fight the wars in our lives. When a person perceives himself negatively, he assumes that others also perceive him negatively. If we listened to the eitzas (advice) that we give to our children, we would be much happier. When you are out of the delusion, you can see a situation for what it is. Kina can result in very subtle lashon hara (evil speech). If you are not working on the root middos (character traits), then your work on lashon hara is not complete. Oftentimes, the reason that we are angry is because we are tired or hungry.