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Jealousy (8) Testing A Growing Person's Middos
Length: 95 min
p. 177. A person's entire system is affected by their aveiros (sins), including their middos (traits). Kina (jealousy) causes the atzmos (bones) to rot because the aveiros become engraved in the atzmos. Korach's kina caused him to be swallowed by the earth. When we have kina, we are also swallowed up. When you put in time to work on a middah, even if you fail in it later, every tiny effort that you made counts. Everything good that we do creates a malach (angel). When a person is ready to rise to the next level, they will face a nisayon (test) in the area of middos. The Jews have the special ability to let go, to be easy about things, which is connected to the avodah (work) of Aharon HaKohen and Yom Kippur. Each of us have the atzmos Yosef, which is the ability to run away from aveiros.