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Pirkei Avos (2) Chapters Of The Children Why Do We Begin With Olam Habah
Length: 51 min
Why is it that we always begin the study of Pirkei Avos with the Mishnah: "All of Yisrael have a portion in the world to comeā€¦.?" In essence, every Jew is a tzaddik (righteous person), even though a person might not be living up to that standard. Only the Jewish people are called "the work of Hashem's hands" and are thus eternal. Giving to another with and from ones own essence. Pirkei Avos is not about what we do or not do, but about who we are, or are not. There is no temptation in this world that a Jew cannot overcome - there is nothing that can prevent him from becoming a tzaddik. Restoring (not creating) the original holiness and purity of Jew. A Jew and a gentile are engaged on completely different battle fields on which they fight to improve themselves.