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Pirkei Avos (7) Patience Until The Very Last Moment
Length: 52 min
The strange placement of Mishnah 18 at the end of the first chapter of Pirkei Avos. What sustains the world as opposed to what brings it into existence. The world needs shalom, peace to survive. Deep thinkers are more likely to have disagreements than simple people. Shalom is a trait that makes simple, physical life pleasant; however, mevakshei (seekers of) Hashem, who develop specific shitos (methodologies) are more likely to be stuck in those shitos and fall into disagreements with others. The Shechinah (divine presence) can only reside in a place of shalom; it needs to be in a place of achdus - oneness. All the learning in the world cannot help a shul, yeshivah or beis medrash if there is no shalom amongst its members. The special relationship between emes (truth) - Yaakov, and shalom - Yosef. Shalom is the conclusion of all our prayers, bentshing (grace after meals) and studying. Shalom does not mean that I have to let go of my truth, but I still have to love and respect those who are completely different from me. Leaving the place of irreconcilable differences.