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Menuchas Hanefesh (22) Alai Shor (2) Fundamentally Changing Our Life Through Self Knowledge
Length: 60 min
We can fundamentally change our way of thinking about living by reaching a deeper level of self-knowledge. Who am I and what are we lacking in our relationships? Rav Shlomo Volbe, z"l teaches us how to come to the truth of what is inside our actions. Our generation is not shaken up Tisha B'Av or Yom Kippur. We can spend our entire lives caught up in "chashuv narishkeit" (important nonsense). When we do see that our entire life was based on delusions, then we can feel the excitement of yiddishkeit like baale teshuvah (returnees to faith).
Menuchas Hanefesh - Peace Of Mind by Rav Moshe Weinberger