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Menuchas Hanefesh (34) The Power Of Imagination (6) The Confusion Of Erev Shabbos Before Moshiach Comes
Length: 63 min
Rebbe Yerucham Lebovitz z"l- true reality is preserved and never changes. False reality is not stable and based on our imagination. Secret of a Jew is that Hashem attached us to the very purpose of life. Our generation is the generation of erev Shabbos where Amalek spreads great confusion. Purim is making fun of what we think is reality. Jews are dressed like goyim because we do not know we have a Malchus (monarchy of Hashem) and goyim are dressed as Jews because they make believe they have a Malchus. We should not lose track of the real Malchus.
Menuchas Hanefesh - Peace Of Mind by Rav Moshe Weinberger