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Menuchas Hanefesh (35) Listening To Our Sechel (Intellect) On Purim
Length: 64 min
Without being in touch with the deeper kochos Hanefesh (spiritual strength) within us, it is impossible to love others and G-d. Kuzari- a chossid is a King who rules over his senses which listen to his sechel (intellect). Esther appeared before the King with clothes of ruach haKodesh (holy prophecy). The test to find out whether you live within boundaries of sechel takes place on Purim when the sechel is on vacation revealing the real "me." The secret of a Jew is that we know so much and even when we don't know... we still know.
Menuchas Hanefesh - Peace Of Mind by Rav Moshe Weinberger