Rabbi Doniel Pransky

Rabbi Pransky, originally from Philadelphia, is the Rosh Kollel of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. He learned for many years in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, receiving his smicha there, and spent four years in the Columbus Community Kollel. Speaking to Jews from many different backgrounds, Rabbi Pransky’s many weekly shiurim include students with little experience to those who have learned in yeshiva, often at the same time. His online recordings are primarily from his weekly Chumash and Nach series, and many other topics, such as halacha, hashkafa and machshava, are included as well.

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KiSisa (11) Golden Calf part 7 - Levels of Atonement Ki Sisa 57 min
KiSisa (12) Golden Calf part 8 - Erase Me from your Book Ki Sisa 59 min
KiSisa (13) Golden Calf part 9 - Sending a Malach - Removing the Crowns Ki Sisa 58 min
KiSisa (14) Golden Calf part 10 - Knowing Hashem Ki Sisa 61 min
KiSisa (16) Golden Calf part 12 - 13 Attributes of Mercy Ki Sisa 57 min
KiSisa (17) Nuances in a Sefer Torah - Taking over The Land Ki Sisa 57 min
KiSisa (18) Shalosh Rigalim -Shmitta - Harvesting the Omer Ki Sisa 56 min
KiSisa (19) Moshes Mask - The Oral Torah Ki Sisa 53 min
Vayakhel (01) Donating to the Mishkan - The Women and the Princes Vayakhail 58 min
Vayakhel (02) More than Enough - Mirrors for the Kiyor Vayakhail 51 min
Pikudei (01) Moshe's Honesty Pekudei 52 min
Pikudei (02) Putting up the Mishkan - Travelling Pekudei 49 min
Vaykira (01) Introduction - Hashems Love for Moshe and the Jews 01-10-16 Vayikra 52 min
Vaykira (02) Korban Olah of an Animal 01-17-16 Vayikra 56 min
Vaykira (03) Karbon olah of a bird - Karbon mincha of soles Vayikra 55 min
Vaykira (04) Karbonos Mincha 01-31-16 Vayikra 57 min
Vaykira (05) Karban HaOmer 02-07-16 Vayikra 47 min
Vaykira (06) Karbon Shlamim (Peace Offering) 02-14-16 Vayikra 57 min
Vaykira (07) Three Special Karbonos Chatas (Sin Offering) 02-21-16 Vayikra 59 min
Vaykira (08) Karbon Chatas (Sin Offering) 03-13-16 Vayikra 56 min
Vaykira (09) Karbon Oleh Veyored (Sin Offering -(If he is poor) 03-20-16 Vayikra 58 min
Vaykira (10) Asham me'ila and Asham taluy 03-27-16 Vayikra 57 min
Vaykira (11) Asham Gezailos (Stealing and Swearing Falsely) 04-10-16 Vayikra 40 min
Tzav (01) Night follows day - Terumas Hadeshen 05-08-16 Tzav 56 min
Tzav (02) The fires on the mizbeach - Karbon Mincha - Food coming in contact with Karbonos 05-15-16 Tzav 51 min