Rabbi Doniel Pransky

Rabbi Pransky, originally from Philadelphia, is the Rosh Kollel of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. He learned for many years in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, receiving his smicha there, and spent four years in the Columbus Community Kollel. Speaking to Jews from many different backgrounds, Rabbi Pransky’s many weekly shiurim include students with little experience to those who have learned in yeshiva, often at the same time. His online recordings are primarily from his weekly Chumash and Nach series, and many other topics, such as halacha, hashkafa and machshava, are included as well.

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Mishpatim (05) Damaging a Slave - Animals Killing People Mishpatim 33 min
Mishpatim (06) Liability for a Pit - Liability for Animals Mishpatim 40 min
Mishpatim (07) Stealing a Bull or Sheep - Breaking and Entering - Ganav and Gazlan Mishpatim 54 min
Mishpatim (08) Shen Viregel (Damages) - Fire -Shomer Chinam (Unpaid Watchman) Mishpatim 51 min
Mishpatim (09) Shomer Sachar (Paid Watchman) - Borrower - Renter Mishpatim 58 min
Mishpatim (10) Seduction - Mistreating a Convert Widow and Orphan Mishpatim 57 min
Mishpatim (11) Lending Money - Interest - Taking Collateral Mishpatim 37 min
Mishpatim (12) Gifts to the Kohain - Gratitude to the dog Mishpatim 49 min
Mishpatim (13) Majority Rules - Unbiased Judging - Hashem is in Charge Mishpatim 51 min
Mishpatim (14) Care with Converts - Shmitta - Names of Avoda Zara Mishpatim 39 min
Mishpatim (15) Shalosh Rigalim - Lunar and Solar Calendar - Mazalos Mishpatim 51 min
Mishpatim (16) Difference between Hashem Directly and an Angel Mishpatim 51 min
Mishpatim (17) Maintaining a Spiritual Environment in Eretz Yisroel Mishpatim 52 min
Mishpatim (18) The 5th Day of Sivan Mishpatim 51 min
Mishpatim (19) Naaseh Vinishma (We will do and we will listen) and The Sin of the Elders Mishpatim 50 min
Mishpatim (20) Aharon and Chur - Cosuming Fire Mishpatim 36 min
Terumah (01) The Shulchan Terumah 49 min
Terumah (02) The Menorah Terumah 50 min
Terumah (03) Coverings of the Mishkan Terumah 62 min
Terumah (04) Kerashim (Boards) Terumah 57 min
Terumah (05) Paroches -Setting up the Mishkan Terumah 23 min
Terumah (06) Copper Mizbeach (Altar) Terumah 52 min
Terumah (07) Chatzer (courtyard) Terumah 48 min
Terumah (08) When Did It Happen - Purpose of the Mishkan Terumah 51 min
Terumah (09) The Aron (The Ark) Terumah 36 min