Rabbi Doniel Pransky

Rabbi Pransky, originally from Philadelphia, is the Rosh Kollel of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. He learned for many years in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, receiving his smicha there, and spent four years in the Columbus Community Kollel. Speaking to Jews from many different backgrounds, Rabbi Pransky’s many weekly shiurim include students with little experience to those who have learned in yeshiva, often at the same time. His online recordings are primarily from his weekly Chumash and Nach series, and many other topics, such as halacha, hashkafa and machshava, are included as well.

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Metzora (06) Zav Zera Nida Zava Metzora 52 min
Acharei Mos (01) Introduction to Yom Kippur Avoda 03-26-17 Acharei Mos 53 min
Acharei Mos (02) Yom Kippur Avoda part 1 Acharei Mos 49 min
Acharei Mos (03) Yom Kippur Avoda part 2 Acharei Mos 57 min
Acharei Mos (04) Yom Kippur Avoda part 3 Acharei Mos 49 min
Acharei Mos (05) Yom Kippur Avoda part 4 Acharei Mos 51 min
Acharei Mos (06) Karbanos outside the Bais Hamikdash, Mitzvos of Blood Acharei Mos 54 min
Acharei Mos (07) Eating Blood 06-18-17 Acharei Mos 44 min
Acharei Mos (08) Prohibited Relationships 07-02-17 Acharei Mos 55 min
Acharei Mos (09) The Land Rejects Those Who Dwell in it 07-16-17. Acharei Mos 49 min
Kedoshim (01) Naval Birshus haTorah - Fear of Parents - Gifts for the Poor - Eating of Karbanos 07-23-17 Kedoshim 52 min
Kedoshim (02) Lifnei Iveir 09-03-17 Kedoshim 41 min
Kedoshim (03) Judging Favorably - Lashon Hara - Giving Tochacha 09-10-17 Kedoshim 51 min
Kedoshim (04) Shaatnez – wearing wool and linen - shifcha charufa – the half-free maidservant 09-17-17 Kedoshim 51 min
Kedoshim (05) Arlah – laws of fruit trees - Al Hadam –(on the blood) 10-22-17 Kedoshim 53 min
Kedoshim (06) Corners of the Head and Beard 10-29-17 Kedoshim 51 min
Kedoshim (07) How to Treat Converts 11-05-17 Kedoshim 49 min
Kedoshim (08) Punishments for Improper Relationships 11-12-17 Kedoshim 49 min
Emor (03) Tamai Kohain 12-03-17 Emor 52 min
Emor (04) Kiddush Hashem and chillul Hashem 12-17-17 Emor 56 min
Emor (08) The Mekalel (the one who blasphemed) 02-04-18 Emor 55 min
Emor (09) Executing the Mekalel (the one who blasphemed) 03-18-18 Emor 47 min
Behar (01) Rules of Shmitta 04-22-18 Behar 51 min
Behar (02) Yovel (Jubilee) 05-06-18 Behar 46 min
Behar (03) Selling Land and Homes in Eretz Yisroel Behar 51 min