Rabbi Doniel Pransky

Rabbi Pransky, originally from Philadelphia, is the Rosh Kollel of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. He learned for many years in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, receiving his smicha there, and spent four years in the Columbus Community Kollel. Speaking to Jews from many different backgrounds, Rabbi Pransky’s many weekly shiurim include students with little experience to those who have learned in yeshiva, often at the same time. His online recordings are primarily from his weekly Chumash and Nach series, and many other topics, such as halacha, hashkafa and machshava, are included as well.

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Tzav (04) Asham (Guilt) and Shlamim (Peace) Offerings 05-29-16 Tzav 56 min
Tzav (05) Pigul 06-05-16 Tzav 57 min
Tzav (06) Chailev and Dam 06-19-16 Tzav 54 min
Tzav (07) The Chazeh and the Shoke 06-26-16 Tzav 53 min
Tzav (08) The 7 days of Miluim 07-03-16 Tzav 55 min
Shemini (01) Lots of Karbanos (Offerings) 07-17-16 Shemini 37 min
Shemini (02) Significance of the Eigth Day 08-28-16 Shemini 55 min
Shemini (03) The Shechina Coming to the Mishkan 09-04-16 Shemini 54 min
Shemini (04) Death of Nadav and Avihu 09-11-16 Shemini 56 min
Shemini (05) Explaining the Aveira of Nadav and Avihu 09-18-16 Shemini 55 min
Shemini (06) Dealing with the Deaths of Nadav and Avihu 09-25-16 Shemini 51 min
Shemini (07) Why was the Karban Burned 10-09-16 Shemini 52 min
Shemini (08) Kosher and Non Kosher 10-30-16 Shemini 50 min
Shemini (09) Tuma and Tahara (Impurity and Purity) 10-30-16 Shemini 54 min
Shemini (10) Ceramic Utensils 11-13-16 Shemini 46 min
Tazria (02) Introduction to tzaraas (leprosy) 12-04-16 Tazria 39 min
Tazria (03) Tzara'as on the Entire Body (leprosy) 12-18-16 Tazria 52 min
Tazria (04) Tzara'as (leprosy) on the head and beard 01-15-17 Tazria 40 min
Tazria (05) Tzara'as (leprosy) on a garment 01-22-17 Tazria 50 min
Metzora (01) Process of Rejoining the Camp Metzora 50 min
Metzora (02) One who cannot afford the Karbanos Understanding the Process Metzora 50 min
Metzora (03) Tzara'as on a House Metzora 52 min
Metzora (04) length of time to eat - Intorduction to Zav and Zava Metzora 53 min
Metzora (05) Tumah of a Zav Metzora 49 min
Metzora (06) Zav Zera Nida Zava Metzora 52 min