Rabbi Doniel Pransky

Rabbi Pransky, originally from Philadelphia, is the Rosh Kollel of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. He learned for many years in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, receiving his smicha there, and spent four years in the Columbus Community Kollel. Speaking to Jews from many different backgrounds, Rabbi Pransky’s many weekly shiurim include students with little experience to those who have learned in yeshiva, often at the same time. His online recordings are primarily from his weekly Chumash and Nach series, and many other topics, such as halacha, hashkafa and machshava, are included as well.

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Shoftim (03) All About Kings 11-27-22 Shoftim 50 min
Shoftim (04) Gifts to the Kohanim - Sorcery - Chanukah 12-11-22 Shoftim 53 min
Shoftim (05) Egla Arufa (ritual of responsibility when a murder takes place) 01-29-23 Shoftim 56 min
Ki Seitzei (01) Capturing a Woman While at War - The Rules of the Firstborn Double Portion 02-12-23 Ki Setzei 54 min
Ki Seitzei (02) The Wayward Son - Suspending from a tree after execution 02-19-23 Ki Setzei 53 min
Ki Seitzei (03) Returning Lost Objects - Opposite Gender Clothing - Sending Away the Mother Bird 03-12-23 Ki Setzei 57 min
Ki Seitzei (04) Ma'akeh - Planting Kilayim - Plowing with Two Types of Animals - Sha'atnez Tzitzis Motzi Shem Ra 04-23-23 Ki Setzei 58 min
Ki Seitzei (05) Ones (Punishment) - The Three Cardinal Sins - Taking a Life to Save a Victim 04-30-23 Ki Setzei 60 min
Ki Seitzei (06) Not Enterting the kahal (Congregation) Hashem - Keeping the Camp Pure 05-07-23 Ki Setzei 60 min
Ki Seitzei (07) Returning Slaves - Prostitution - Lending with Interest - Delaying the Payment of a Vow 05-21-23 Ki Setzei 32 min
Ki Seitzei (08) Remarrying a Devorcee - Marriage 05-28-23 Ki Setzei 53 min
Ki Seitzei (09) Divorce 06-04-23 Ki Setzei 48 min
Ki Seitzei (10) Shana Rishona - Taking Security - Remembering what happened to Miriam - Paying On Time 06-11-23 Ki Setzei 37 min
Ki Seitzei (11) Other People's Sins - Gleanings for the Poor - Corporal Punishment 06-18-23 Ki Setzei 45 min
Ki Seitzei (12) Yibum (Levirate Marriage) 07-02-23 Ki Setzei 52 min
Ki Seitzei (13) Paying for Embarrassing Someone - Honesty in Business - Wiping out Amalek - Torah Reading 07-09-23 Ki Setzei 50 min
Ki Savo (01) Bikurim 07-16-23 Ki Savo 48 min
Tanach (09) Shoftim - Judges Sefer Shoftim 71 min
Shmuel (01) Chapter 1 Overview; aliya liregel; Penina's plan Sefer Shmuel Alef 60 min
Shmuel (02) Chapter 1 Elkana's words to Chana; Chana's teffila Sefer Shmuel Alef 56 min
Shmuel (03) Chapter 1 Silent davening; Drinking in the Mishkan; Eli's bracha Sefer Shmuel Alef 43 min
Shmuel (04) Chapter 1 Chana's decision; Shmuel's ruling before Eli Sefer Shmuel Alef 48 min
Shmuel (05) Chapter 2 Chana's Song Sefer Shmuel Alef 56 min
Shmuel (06) Chapter 2 Sin of the Bnei Eli Sefer Shmuel Alef 56 min
Shmuel (07) Chapter 2 Explaining the Sins Sefer Shmuel Alef 47 min