Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus


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Shiur 11 Kabalas Achreiyus On Chometz Daf 5B Rabbi Aaron Garfinkel 47 min
Shiur 12 Yeechad Loh Mokom Daf 6A Rabbi Aaron Garfinkel 40 min
Shiur 13 Finding Chometz During Yom Tov Daf 6A Rabbi Aaron Garfinkel 46 min
Shiur 14 Habodek Tzarich Sheyivaraich Rabbi Aaron Garfinkel 44 min
Shiur 15 Birchas Hamitvos Before Action Daf 7B Rabbi Aaron Garfinkel 42 min
Shiur 16 Ain Chosheshin Shemah Girrera Chulda Daf 9A Rabbi Aaron Garfinkel 43 min
Causing Sin Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 34 min
Ignorance Causes Improper Speech Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 49 min
Lashon Hara - 'mother' Of Aveiros Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 45 min
Lashon Hara - The Root Of Destruction Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 51 min
Lashon Hara's Affect On Torah Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 48 min
Make Good Friends Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 47 min
Positivity: The Key To Proper Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 51 min
Remembering Miriam Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 48 min
The Chillul Hashem Of Lashon Hara Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 49 min
The Power Of Words Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 48 min
Words That Build Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 51 min
Your Words Create You Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg 48 min
A Discussion of the Latest Kosher Issues Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 35 min
Adventures On The Factory Floor & Raisins Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 35 min
Buying Kosher Foods at Non-Kosher Stores; Kosher Hot Dogs at 7-11 Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 40 min
Buying Kosher Fruit For Tu Bishvat Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 3 min
Canned Vegetables Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 2 min
Challenges of an Out-of-Town Certification Agency Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 40 min
Comparing European and American Kosher Landscapes Rabbi Zvi Goldberg 33 min