Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold

Rav Eliyahu Reingold, Rosh Kollel in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, spent many years learning in the Telshe Yeshiva and Kollel where he was recognized as one of their foremost talmidim. He taught in the Telshe Mechina before coming to the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. He is a noted Baal Halacha and Baal Mussar, serving as a well-respected posek for the Yeshiva and community. Besides his responsibility in leading the Kollel, he delivers a high level shiur to advanced students, and provides many halacha shiurim throughout the year. His heartfelt weekly mussar shmuess in an inspiration to all.
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Hilchos Muktzeh part 1-Yesodos and Definitions Hilchos Shabbos 40 min
Hilchos Muktzeh part 2-Graf shel rei and atzomos,etc Hilchos Shabbos 26 min
Hilchos Shabbos - Kosheir and Matir Hilchos Shabbos 43 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Asiyas Ohel 1- Introduction Hilchos Shabbos 30 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Asiyas Ohel 2- Geder Issur Ohel Hilchos Shabbos 36 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Asiyas Ohel 3- Lego, Umbrellas, Sliding Doors Hilchos Shabbos 55 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 08- Hakdama to Hatmana Hilchos Shabbos 42 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 09- Mosif Chom Through Hatmana Hilchos Shabbos 49 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 1- Introduction to Shehiyah and Chazara Hilchos Shabbos 39 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 10- Introduction to Bishul Hilchos Shabbos 1 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 11- Introduction to Bishul 2 Hilchos Shabbos 45 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 12- Kiruv Bishul; Hagasa; Defining Davar Yaveish Hilchos Shabbos 46 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 13- Bishul Acher Bishul Hilchos Shabbos 44 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 14- Various Practical Points Hilchos Shabbos 39 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 2- Svara of Heter of Garuf and Katum Hilchos Shabbos 36 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 3- Kitmah v'Huvara Hilchos Shabbos 47 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 4- Mechzi K'mevashail and Shema Yechateh Hilchos Shabbos 34 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 5- Semicha and Shehiyah Hilchos Shabbos 27 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 6- Kedeirah Al Gabi Kedeirah Hilchos Shabbos 59 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Bishul 7- Shihiyas Tzonein; Bishul Mitztameik v'Ra Lo; Amira L'Achum on a Psik Raisha (1) Hilchos Shabbos 52 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Boneh 1- Melachto Miskayemes Hilchos Shabbos 56 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Boneh 2- Binyan B'Keilim 1 Hilchos Shabbos 55 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Boneh 3- Electricity Hilchos Shabbos 53 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Boneh 4- Shviras Chavis Hilchos Shabbos 58 min
Hilchos Shabbos- Boneh 5-Halacha L'Maaseh Hilchos Shabbos 49 min